"The Hitchcock Blondes”

Inspiration Synopsis: My woman has always been the Upper East Side Woman who isn’t afraid to get onto a motorcycle. She is powerful, fierce, and amazingly independent. 

My team and I are so proud to say we are American made, and that we manufacture in our atelier in San Francisco. Everything is made within the four walls of my studio. We used our atelier production space as the photographic backdrop to let people into our world. 

Being a tremendous fan of Alfred Hitchcock's, and often being inspired by the famous Tippi Hedren, the story begins from there. Some of Hitchcock’s best films were shot here in San Francisco. I just pictured that modern-day Tippi walking the streets and experiencing the world today. 

This collection is the epitome of the AMS brand. We are proudly size inclusive and we always say that all women deserve to feel beautiful! We’ve engineered the prints and sequining. We love to experiment with shape and form. Needless to say, we are continuing the “old-school” traditions of the industry. Enjoy.

- A.M.S.